Mubarak Urdu Library

English: Mirza Ghalib
English: Mirza Ghalib (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mubarak Urdu Library

First Private Library In Division B.W.P

Syed Anees Shah Jelani a renownwd saraiki writer. he is librarian of this library .

Syed Anees Shah Jeelani is a famous person of Sadiqabad. He left school after failing in class 7th.He is author of many books. He has a repository of historical books also.

Syed Anees Shah Jelani

Late Syed  Mubarak Shah Jillani Made this personal library in the remote area of Rahim Yar Khan. Now a days library is looked after by Sayed Anis Shah Jillani. there are books of rare quality on English, Urdu , Saraiki and Hindi. there is a large collection of books on and about Asadullah Ghalib. there are found old scripts of the famous and recognised poets and prose writers.

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Syed AneesY ou can find all kind of bookshere. it has inaugurated in 1926.since its inauguration the collections of its has increased with the passage of time. you can easily contact us. The library is the pioneer and first in  region of BAHAWALPUr. This is the First Private Libray in Division Bahawal Pur. It has consist of 100000 Books. Books collection are consist of Different Topics.

Founder and owner of Mubarak Urdu Library Muhammadabad




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