Muhammad Abad

Muhammad Abad, Punjab Pakistan
Tehsil Sadiqabad’s Village
History Of Muhammad Abad


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This is Located In Town Sanjar Pur.
This is very Historical Place Tehsil SadiqAbad. District Sahim Yar Khan.
Syed Rabban Shah Jilani had form Ghotki (loi Sharif) Sindh in Sanjar Pur In 1837. He had begun to live in Basti Chanrhan nearest Sanjar Pur. My forefathers (Mr. Chatta Soomro and His brother Kammal Soomro) asked that theirs forefathers had come with the Syed Rabban Shah Jilani From Ghotki. they are called the name of SADAAT. Syed Rabban Shah Jilani’s father had come from Baghdad Iran. His name was Mubarak Baghdadi. He had come for traveling. today’s all SADAAT family of Ghotki and Sanjar Pur is Mubarak Baghdadi. Syed Rabban shah Jilani is buried in Ghotki.

Basti Muhammad Abad
after the death of Syed Rabban Shah Jilani his son Syed Muhammad shah Jilani had left the Basti chanraan and appulted new Village named was Basti Muhammad Abad. My ancestors were with him. when Syed Muhammad Shah Jilani migrated from Basti chanraan thee peoples were with him
1. Mr. chatta Soomro
2. Mr. Kammal Soomro
3. Mr. Dost Ali Chanarh
In the beginning, there were jungle and fierce are lived here.Top

Syed Muhammad Shah Jilani
the founder of Basti Muhammad Abad. he had noble manners form his childhood. he had escaped wrong doings. he was very specious, justice, noble, kind hearted, and polite man. after him nobody born in his family. Under construction

the people of my village are very polite, hospitalized, and jolly. many of them are very poor. they can’t earn the one time meal. the conditions of them are very miserable. majority of youngsters are unemployed.

in y village education is null. therefore we can’t make progress. we are losing our grace. many peoples of bati are unknown og theirs birhtrights.In my village 4 students has completed the matriculations. middle students are 6. Intermediate are 4. graduates are 5.
My word
I’m getting latest education. i keen to get advanced and more profitable knowledge. therefore i chooses Microsolutions to gain my goal. i think i do best to select it for my better future. in this institutions, i feel something good….
I’m also one man army who has take step to build up the Basti Muhammad Abad\s Site. its my dream that my Village always will online. Because it is call of time and need of the hour.

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