صادق آباد
Sadiqabad is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 28°10′N 70°42′E / 28.17°N 70.7°E / 28.17; 70.7Coordinates: 28°10′N 70°42′E / 28.17°N 70.7°E / 28.17; 70.7
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Rahim Yar Khan
Tehsil Sadiqabad Tehsil
– PreviousNazim Dr. Taloot Salim Bajwa
– PreviousNaib Nazim Rais Akmal Warind
– Total 30 km2 (11.6 sq mi)
Population (1998)
– Total 141 509
– Estimate (2007) 760,769
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Number of Union councils 29

Sadiqabad or Sadiq Abad or Sadik Abad or Sadikabad (Urdu: صادق آباد) is a city in Punjab, Pakistan.[1] Sadiqabad is also the administrative centre of Sadiqabad Tehsil, which is a sub-division of Rahim Yar Khan District.[2] The city has an estimated population of 205,797 with the tehsil as a whole having 760,769 inhabitants.[citation needed]


Sadiqabad is named after Amīr Sadiq Mohammad Khan V of Bahawalpur state. The construction of the new part of the city started in 1940.
Sadiqabad is located on the main railway track and is the southern most city of Punjab province.[citation needed] A canal flows through the city roughly dividing the old and new city. To the south of the city lies the Indian border.

Urban areas of the city are Abid colony, Leghari colony, Mahajir Colony, Jinnah Town, Satellite Town, Mazhar Fareed Colony, Mian Ghulam Rasool Colony, Arain Colony, Shahid colony, Shahzad colony, Ghafoor Abad, Ali town, Karim town and Cheema town, and Publice Colony, Jauhor Colony, Muslim Colony, Mohala Faiala Abad Sadiqabad is located approximately 12 miles from Sheikh Zaid International Airport in District Rahim Yar Khan. Also, Sadiqabad is located very close to Balouchistan (via Guddu Barrage) and next to Sindh.
Social life

The city culture is a mixture of two different traditions Saraiki and Punjabi. People are religious and conservative. The main language is punjabi but a considerable number of Punjabi, Urdu, Pathan, Balochi and Sindhi speaking people are settled in the city. Some are Rajput families also migrated from India during partition in 1947.

Sadiqabad has 2 govt degree colleges and also 1 semi govt degree college (Iqra post graduate) for boys and girls. And 1 most prominent college is MTB College. The major highschools are Ajmal Bagh High Schhol, Govt high school and Tameer e Millat MTB Higher Secondary School and Iqra high School. Pakistan college

The city is a major transport hub and is well-served by transport systems. Most of the trains stop at Sadiqabad. Road transport is available for most of the major cities of Pakistan. The nearest airport is in Rahim Yar Khan about 19 kilometres away from the city centre.

Sadiq Abad is major local trading hub also. It has two fertilizer plants, and a number of cotton factories and oil mills. A Grain market was established in 1948 that has provided employment and prosperity to the area.There is a pharmaceutical Factory in Sadiqabad which employees about 200 people. Sharex Laboratories.

A number of the workers are employed in agriculture, making it by far the most common occupation. However, the relative significance of farming has dropped steadily because of lack of water. Major cash crops are cotton, wheat and sugar cane. Mango and citrus are also a major produce.
Wholesale Markets

There are three main Mandis (markets) in the city

* Ghalla Mandi (Grain Market)
* Sabzi Mandi (Fruit & Vegetable Market)
* Lakker Mandi (Wood & Timber Market)
* Faisal Bazzar
* Qazafi Market
* Shopping Center Market

Libraries Meer Syed Zahid Hussain Library

Mir Syed Zahid Hussain (Late) established Library in his life for himself. There were few hundred books in his Library. Now Library is closed after death of Mir Zahid Hussain. All books in thee bags now and not reachable for public like in the life of Mir Zahid Hussain. Only difference is that in the life of Mir Zahid its kept in the racks but now in the bags.
Mubarak Library
Taskeen-e-Zauq Library
Gul-E-Mustafa library

Gul-E-Mustafa library is situated in Basti Haji Gul Muhammad Terhaily,near sanjer pur.This library is owned by Rais shahid Iqbal Terhaily,a famous politician and saraiki and urdu writer.
Bhong Mosque

Bhong Mosque is in the village of Bhong about 30 kilometres from Sadiqabad. The compound took fifty years to design and build (1932–1982) and won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1986.
[edit] Matchka Mosque

The Matchka Mosque is in the village of Matchka about 45 kilometres from Sadiqabad.
Cholistan desert

Cholistan Desert is about 20 kilometres from Sadiqabad
Askari Park

This park with its lush green lawns and walkways is situated near an overhead bridge in the heart of the city. It is free to the public.
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1. ^ Location of Sadiqabad – Falling Rain Genomics
2. ^ Tehsils & Unions in the District of Rahim Yar Khan – Government of Pakistan

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