Walhar-sanjar pur

Kot Sabzal used to be ruled by the parganas that administered the city under the princely state of Bahawalpur until they lost it to the Mirs of Sindh in 1807. After the British took over much of the province of Sindh, they restored the rule to the state of Bahawalpur over Kot Sabzal in 1847 so that the Amir of Bahawalpur would help them in the Battle of Multan. In 1848, Bahawalpur-British alliance laid siege on Multan and the city fell and was made part of the British Indian territory. From thence there always remained a bias over which province Kot Sabzal fits into.

In the early 1830s, Kot Sabzal stood larger and stronger than either Gotki or Khairpur, and was surrounded by a thin wall levelled in some places to the ground. The hustle and bustle of the town was due to the four main bazaarsfacing each other in the centre. The architecture showed a transition from the mud house to house made of unburnt bricks and then those of burnt bricks which wouldn’t exceed stories higher than two. As the historian Mohan Lal tries to remember in his travelogues, the city had gates, that had perished through want of repair and that one had a gun, which was kept towards the Bahawalpur country.Now a day Terhaily Family are most prominent in this are having round about more than 10 village around the KOT SABZAL.

Sardar of the terhaily cast

  • Sardar Ghulam Nabi Terhaily late

Now Sardar is

  • Major Dr.Khuda Bux Niazi

other brothers of our honorable cheif Sardarar

  • Rais Mohammad Essa Khan late
  • Rais Manzoor Nabi Qutub
  • Rais Anwaar Nabi Qutub
  • Rais Israr Nabi Qutub
  • Rais Zulfiqar Nabi Qutub
  • Rais Mukhtiar Nabi Qutub
  • Most commonly spoken languages include Saraiki , Punjabi & Sindhi. People regard speaking Urdu as a more educated gesture.—-

Many families like Terhaily, Shar, Mahar , Arain are living.ss

Terhaily Famiy

walhar is a big town in the Sadiq Abad area having a railway station,post office and forest.

Terhaily family in this sub-continent has come from ARABS along with MUHAMMAD BIN QASIM and settled and different places in Rahim yar khan region and Multan region.In Rahim yar khan region they are settled near the sind punjab boarder.Terhail family are most prominent in this area.They are mostly landlord(farmer)and remaining one are related with the profession of IT,law,teaching,Doctor and railway employees.sardar Rais essa khan Terhaily was the first tumendar of this tribes.He was died having no son,so sardari(pug) was given to sardar Ghulam Nabi khan Terhaily.He was chairman of union council Bindor Abasian.Rais Abdul Malik (Late) was the Sardar of Tarheli tribe for quite long time. After his death his elder son Rais Ghulam Murtaza Terhaily got this honor.  Terehily caste is sub caste of Jut and living in this area from last 200years and having almost 600Acor area cultivated land in • CHK 181/NP • Walhar new • Walhar old • Basti Rehmani • Adhuja • Allo Goth • Basti mahirdain And having majority in Union councial Bindor Abasi , Dandhi & Allo Goth,

Rais Abdul Malik: The one of the most bold, decision maker personality of Terhaily Family. He was a Leader of Terhaily Family. For a long time Terhaily kept them selves together under his Leader Ship. Rais Ghulam Murtaza, Rais Ghulam Mustafa and Rais Abdul Rahim are his sons. Now Sardari(pug) belongs to Rais Ghulam Murtaza. Ghulam Mustafa is Lawyer and Abdul Rahim is Manager in ZTBL.


1. Mohammad Hashim is the founder of Basti Hashim Village.

2. Dr. Abdul Sattar Khawaja

3. Abdul Razzaq Terhaily (R/Sub-Inspector Sindh Police)(Late)

4. Abdul Qadeer Kashif Terhaily (R/Air Force Pakistan)]]

5. Abdul Samad Terhaily (R/Air Force Pakistan)]]

6. Irfan Nasir Terhaily (Clerk in Bindor Abbasian High School)

7. Naseem Alam Asif Terhaily (Z.S.M in English Labortaries Pakistan ]]

8. Riaz Ahmed Terhaily (Sales Officer in PCL Quetta)]]

9. Abdul Manan Nasir Terhaily (Sales Executive in Colgate Pomolive Pakistan]]

CHK 181 N.P (known as Munshi Goth)

Munshi Elahi Buksh(Late) was the founder of this village and intially it was named Munshi Goth. He had two son Mumtaz Ahmed (Late) and Maj (R)Dr. Niaz Ahmed. After Munshi Elahi Buksh Al Haj Brarat ullah sahib(Late) son in law of Elahi Buksh took charge of the village. He was a teacher, so he emphasized on education. Due to his vision a great change occur in this village. he was pious man. A generation of educated boys and girls came up. His son Mr.Rais Haji Khalil ur Rehman is Rais of this village now. He is a land lord and Buseniss man infect he is very nice person….

Becuase of all the efforts of elders now among all the Terhaily , CHK 181/NP is one of most established one. People here emphisize on education. Almost every children in this village gone to school. Some of them couldn’t achieved the ultimate. but most them did. One can find,land lords,busines men, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Teachers, Bankers of this village.

A large number of tenant served are still serving the Pakistan Armed Forces like Army, Navy and Air Force . Some are also serving Police. Every one regardless of gender focusing on education and trying to achieve the ultimate positions. Primary aim is to server the beloved country Pakistan and secondary of course to earn livelihood. There is long list of people who were at the key posts or still working on key posts.

  1. ==Landlords ==
  2. haji khalil rehman naib nazim dandhi
  3. capten aziz ur rehman
  4. Dr niaz ahmed
  5. jalil ur rehman
  6. Haji Hussain Taariq
  7. Rais kareem Dad
  8. Mr Nadeem alam
  9. shafi ur rehman
  10. meer muhmammad
  11. mr khan muhmmad


  1. Dr. Niaz Ahmed
  2. Dr. Fiaz Ahmed
  3. Dr Rashda Fayyaz
  • Lecturer

1. Mr Sajid Rehmani (Iqra Post Graduate College) 2.Mr KHALIL REHMANI SECETERIAT

3.ALIF DEEN REHMANI Scientist at A.Q.Khan lab

  • Business Professionals
  1. Mr. Muti ur Rehman trhaili
  2. Mr. Muhammad Asim Shaheen
  3. Mr. Ghulam Rasool
  4. Mr Ali Nawa
  5. Mr. Jamsheed Khalid
  6. Mr Atiq ur rehman
  7. Technical People / Technicians (Diploma Holde
  8. Mamoon rasheed
  9. ameen rashid
  10. anwar ul haq
  11. Mr. Ayaz ur Rehman
  12. Anees rehman
  13. Sales and Distribution
  14. Mr. Zahoor Ahmed (Zonal Sales Manager Colgate & Palomlive)
  15. Mr. Hafiz Masood Aalam (Manager Pfizer)

Mr .Abdul Gaffur Anjum Most Senior Sales Filed quetta Mr Ghulam Murtaza Sales Officer By Jardin Company QUETTA Mr Maqbool Ahamad Siner Sales man by Super Crisp quetta Mr Abdul Jabbar Saqib Sales officer by Myfair company QUETTA Mr M.Rafiq Sales man Quetta
‘Armed Forces

1.Maj (R) Niaz Ahmed (Army) 2.Soldier Mr. Muhmad Akbar (R) (Army)   3.Soldier Mr. Abdul Ghafoor (Army) 4. Capt (R) Aziz ur Rehman (Navy) 5. Flying Officer Naveed Khalid (Air Force) 6. Soldier Mr Muhmad Rafique Nasir (Air Force) 7 .Soldier Mr Muhamad Hijh ( Frinter Crops 8 Soldier Mr Zaheer Ahmad ( Navy ) 9 and a long list of people working as soldiers.

  • Teachers
  1. Great man Haji Bratullah
2. Mr. Habib ulah

List is very long and can’t put all over here. This gives you a glimpse of CHK 181 N.P. This never means that Terhaily at other location are not successful. They have their own success stories. Sepecially Basti Rehmani. But the thing is Terhaily Nation is far behind from where they are suppose to be. I personnaly belive that Education is the only way by which we can be a successful nation. Despite of putting (Pugg) on head and doing nothing for the education and health of the territory is not good. This is not too late. We should get up and do some thing for education of forth coming generation.

Mr.Rais Zahoor Ahmed Terhaily Zonal Sales Manager Colgate Palmolive (Pak)Ltd.(Sindh,Balochistan) belongs to Terhaily faimly from Chak # 181 NP.(Walhar).Chak # 181 NP is the famous village in this area. Many peoples having own Business,Government and Private Jobs out of the village like Karachi,Lahore,Quetta and Sukkur .Islamabad.multan.kharyan.even in uk.

and long list of teachers serving the nation.
Terhaily famiy in this area are most
prominent and famous and especially in the field of agriculture,Education,Law,medicine,Army,police.Teaching.Banking

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